Free EDU use

Who is eligible to use the free EDU version?

  • Teachers and therapists
  • Pupils and students
  • Parents
  • Non-profit organisations without marketing budget


If this does not apply to you, a commercial use of the typefaces is the way to go.

Education has to be free.
Nevertheless, a lot of work went into this project. If it makes your everyday life easier, please consider to support further development with an amount of your choice via Buymeacoffee.

Registration to free EDU use

Please insert school, facility, institution, organisation or profession here. If you’re a private party, please put “private”.
If available
It mainly says that you are only permitted to use the fonts in non-commercial educational contexts and that you are not allowed to pass them on. You can read the contract below. It will also be sent together with the fonts after registration.


Recommendations are welcome!

EDU-EULA (End user licence agreement for free use of font software; English version to come)

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