Thank you!

Annette Kitzinger, METACOM Symbols, for initiating ABeZeh METACOM and constantly supporting the project from the beginning.

Dr. Stefanie Sachse, University of Cologne, for initiating and consulting on ABeZeh Box.

Schulverlag Plus, Switzerland, for commissioning the syllable connector feature in ABeZeh.

Marion Gonzáles, visual communication, for valuable exchange on the syllable connector feature.

Josephine Hendel, special pedagogue, for initiating and consulting on the left-handed version of ABeZeh Pfeil.

Bettina Zydatiß, educationional consultant, for her input on the table of initial sounds.

Katja Lauther, occupational therapist, for a lot of valuable input from the beginning.

Ralph du Carrois, type designer, for the time at bBox Type and everything I learned from you.

Sebastian Vogel, web developer, for patient support during the time at bBox Type.

A lot of people, for instance at Fontwerk, Formsport and VillageOne, for their valuable feedback in the BETA phase.

Natalie Rauch, type designer, for the English translation.

Thank you to all the people who drive ABeZeh forward with their feedback and requests.

Especially to all licensees who keep the project running with their choice.

… and thank you to my own and all the other kids out there who are the reason to keep caring about educational type.


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